Thursday, June 26, 2008

Super-Fantastic Bonus Post! - Movie Review

I just saw In Bruges. It stars Colin Farrell as a rookie hitman hiding out with his handler in Bruges, Belgium after a job goes wrong. Darker than Snatch and not quite as funny, it managed to be a great movie. Farrell was great in his role as the childlike Ray, and Brendan Gleeson was equally as good as his sour faced, life beaten partner. (If you don't know who Gleeson is, you would recognize him if you saw him: He played Hamish in Braveheart, and Professor "Mad-Eye" Moody in the Harry Potter series) The dialouge is as good and quick-witted as anything you'd get from Tarantino or Guy Ritchie. My opinion: See it. It may not be your favorite movie of all time, but you'll probably like it and it won't be a wasted NetFlix selection.

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