Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hurricane make Hawkins Angry!

Lesson learned: Do not book a trip to the coast during hurricane season dumbass.

I'm booked on the morning flight to New Orleans tomorrow, and wouldn't you know it, a hurricane is churning its way up to the Big Easy. Of course you're saying, "But, silly Hawkins, that hurricane will be far, far away from the Land of Yats on Friday. It will still be bouncing like a pinball between Caribbean islands." How right you are, but my return flight is slated for 8:00am Tuesday morning, just about the time that the eye of that big bastard is scheduled to be on top of Orleans Parrish drowning all the nutria. We have a rental car that we are picking up at the airport on Friday, if push comes to shove, I'll say screw the flight, screw the money and drive back to Fort Worth. I will NOT be in New Orleans after a hurricane. You will NOT catch me floating ass up in the 9th ward after I've been shotrapestabkilled. I.WILL.SURVIVE.

In other news, I've gone to a full 2 weeks of classes this semester and Business Associations sucks. It's basically Accounting for lawyers. Didn't somebody tell these a-holes I failed accounting? Twice? Duh, that's why I'm in law school, 'cause the business degree didn't work out so well.

To end on, I thought some funny pictures of Memphis fans would be appropriate.
(unapologetically lifted from google image search)

"The camera is telepathically connected to my fingers. I don't want to throw signs, I HAVE to throw signs."

"Tats? Check. Hat turned at an awkward angle? Check. fly bitches? Check. I'm ready."

You see these? There's no hair under here, bro. It means I'm aerodynamic when I fight.

And a few for Ashley just because LSU sucks and they can kiss all of my ass