Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Sucks

Summer kind of sucks. It's way too damn hot here. Not the sticky kind of hot like back home, where you're sweating the second you step out of the door, but the kind of hot where you feel like you are in an oven and even the wind blows hot and the sun is so bright it literally HURTS when it hits you. Summer also sucks because it's boring as hell. I bitch a lot about school when I have to go to class everyday, but when I'm having to go to class everyday at least I'm doing something. So far this summer I've watched the first two seasons of The Wire (that show kicks ass, how did I not know about it? Also, who knew Baltimore was so dangerous? Baltimore...really?) and all three seasons of Arrested Development (probably one of the best shows ever and if you didn't watch it when it was on TV, I blame you for it being canceled and will probably never forgive your ass, you're dead to me). I finally got around to listening to some new music that came highly recommended straight from NAFOOM (namely The Avett Brothers, who are awesome by the way). I broke out the old PS2 and replayed God of War, God of War II, and am currently in the midst of Devil May Cry 3, which is thoroughly pissing me off. Another month and I'll be back in class, bitching about having to actually do stuff again.

Only 43 days until this

I won't be there, but at least I won't have to put up with this

And here's a montage of Arrested Development's chicken dance, COME ON!