Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few random things that have pissed me off

1) 60 year old lady going 40 on the interstate. Happens everyday right? No big deal. But, this particular old lady was driving a Porsche 911. I don't give a damn about whatever 3/4 life crisis you are going through, get the hell out of my way or buy a car that suits you better. You want to go 40 in a 70, do it, I don't care, but don't have the gall to do in a car that pegs out at 200. Do it in a Grand Marquis or something.

2) People buying lottery tickets and scratching them at the counter. I just want a red bull so I don't fall asleep driving to work. Yet you feel it's necessary to keep me waiting while you first decide which scratch-offs you want to buy, and then scratch them while the rest of us are standing in line. A-hole. On second thought, take your time. If you're trying to "hit it big" buying 10 different $1 scratch-offs at 7am on a Wednesday you've obviously got bigger problems than me.

3) Lawyer jokes. No, I'm not overly sensitive to them because I'm in law school. They don't offend me or make me mad, they just aren't funny. Add this to the fact that I've heard them all 20 times a piece and that's a recipe for comedy disaster. There is a guy that works with me that thinks it is just the funniest thing to tell me lawyer jokes. Haha, we get it, lawyers suck. Now leave me the hell alone and go back to listening to your Enya CD you tool.

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